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That Extra Piece They Needed?

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

The amazing run of the world champion Washington Capitals was amazing for the fans. As non fans you probably cannot appreciate the talent and hardware won for years that ended in failure after failure. The 2017-2018 season would be different.

After the caps got passed the flightless water birds from Pittsburgh, real excitement was brewing. Then the caps vanquished Tampa to move on the Stanley Cup Final. During the Tampa series, the caps were playing well, as were Winnipeg and Vegas. I looked at Elizabeth and said if Caps make it, we are going to a Final Game. I didn't care if it was Winnipeg or Vegas we were going. As it turned out better for us in terms of travel, Vegas beat the Jets and our home away from home Vegas was the destination.

After a fun but disappointing game 1 Elizabeth and I took our flight to Vegas for a whirlwind experience for game 2. We would like to say we were that extra something, but all I know is after we went to game 2 the caps didn't lose another game sooooo.

Great time, great fun, and "We are not going to be fucking suck this year!"

Here John Walton, the voice of the caps make the call here.

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