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So We Did A Thing

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

It has been a while since our last update. I have had a few ideas for topics to post but have not been able to put clear ideas to paper which is why no post. But those ideas are still brewing and maybe they will make an appearance down the road a bit.

In the time between those of you who may have been reading along from the beginning or went back through, you may have noticed a theme with us. We tend to do things on a whim quite regularly. If I had to be honest, it is probably one of our least desirable traits. It often puts us behind the eight ball as it were. We tend to get an idea and then act on it


Well then in keeping with our natural tendencies this post should come as no surprise. Elizabeth and I are swiftly approaching the 50/50 Mark. This is the point in which you have been together half the time you have been on the planet. Needless to say we needed to spice things up :) so we...

1. Quit our jobs

2. Moved 3000 miles

3. Moved to one of the most expensive areas for real estate in the US

4. Changed both vehicles

5. Started new jobs

6. Quit one of those new job within a week of getting it

7. Went back to school

8. Started a business from the ground up

9. Lost grand parents

10. Medical issues

And just a few weeks ago while sitting on the sofa watching W.O.F. or Jeopardy because that 50/50 rule stipulates once you are more than 33% you must start eating meals before 6pm and have at minimum W.O.F. set on the DVR. Elizabeth turned to me and says... "We should buy a house"

So we did.

Welcome to: Franklin St

Old Town Alexandria

Right now the house is technically livable but needs a lot of work. Elizabeth and I walked this house a few weeks back and we liked the place but the listing was way over priced based on the comparable sales for Sq/Ft and layout. So we kept looking. We looked at some condos and Single family homes. Our agent Kim Peele from The Peele Group was very understanding and generous with her time. She sent us a lot of different ideas and such but nothing really seemed right. Expecting a long shot, we put together a plan with Kim and an offer that was fair for the work that is needed to bring the property up to date. The seller graciously accepted our offer.

During one of visit to the property we managed to get some measurements and floor plans. We sent these over to our good friend Linda (She is featured in our "Sisterly Love" Post) and she worked up some great ideas on how to improve the layout.

I plan on keeping the blog through the process so expect updates as we go.

Now the hard work begins...

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