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Finish Material Reconstruction Begin Days 94 - 107

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

June 15th 2020

Well folks, it has officially began. We have started putting the house back together. Last week and into this week the drywall has been coming along. We are nearly done with all of the drywall, I think the only area left that has not been patch or repaired is the powder room. It still has some major construction left. We need to shave down some brick to make the wall plum. But everything and where else have been completed and sanded. Our cabinets and doors have also arrived, the doors are majority installed. Although the hardware is shipping from Gstaad, and because there is a pandemic going around things are running a little behind, we will not have the hardware for a few more weeks.

In another major development this week we have had delivery of our cabinets, and we were starting to install them today 6/18 but there was a trim issue. The location of said trim which makes the ceiling transition smooth out the cabinet from rubbing in any low spots in the ceiling could not be located. This is a part of the installation of the cabinets so without it there is no reason to keep installing them. That project went on hold today. More data as it becomes available.

Tile and paint will also start this week, the tile is being picked up Friday 6/19 and so is the paint for the walls. Depending on how well the search for the missing trim goes; the swiftness of the delivery of paint/tile, Friday might see a lot of coming together. Certainly by the end of next week June 26th we should really start to have a house again. Oh and lastly we ordered some appliances, that will be awesome once those start getting installed. That will be some time away though.

In conclusion of this post, check back here for all of the updates for more fireside chats.


Living Room/Kitchen

2nd Floor Hall

Inside the bathroom

Master BR with Madison

Guest Bedroom

View from the loft


6/19/2020 - Kitchen Continues

I can see how the posting order may mislead this post but I posted the new start to the blog yesterday in order to get the reconstruction phase started. That being said the lonely photo post today with the updated cabinet layout may seem funky. That being said a lot of fine detail work is taking place that is not that exciting to look at or read about. We are leveling the floors in the mud room, so they measured off and marked it in prep for the cement. They closed in the cement board and sealed it in preparation for tile on Monday 6/22/2020.

We had a meeting at the house today to review the missing and installation of the cabinets with our cabinet guy. We are glad we did because when he arrived he went over the details and the changes were huge. We had misinterpreted the vision he had, the trim pieces are meant to be installed overhanging the frame flush with the cabinet doors. It is a very small detail but it makes a huge difference when installed correctly. We also have a piece vanity missing, and some damage to a cabinet but after our meeting all is well, solutions were created.

They did start painting the loft area ceiling but the lighting was so hard and the color so similar to what was there, it would not picture correctly. All of the finish materials arrived today, our cabinet pulls came in, all of the tile and paint have been delivered. Next week should be huge in terms of moving the project towards the finish line.

Until Next Time,


*In this photo you can see the left side cabinets are trimmed out at the top flush with the cabinet doors. The right side cabinet is not, and you can tell there is a better aesthetic and finish to the cabinets.

*Unrelated to anything but my own ego...The original skylight was installed by someone with only one pointer finger on one hand and a thumb and pink on the other. I fixed it, doesn't it look pretty now? I wish I had a before photo because Hey Zeus it looked awful.


6/23/2020 - Keeping it going

Not a huge update today, as things just keep moving along. Here are the latest 360 photos.

Until Next time!



Final Update - June 26th 2020

Hello everyone, I have decided that this shall be the last post on updating the process before doing one last reveal blog post. The excitement we are feeling is at a full boil. We can now absolutely see the end of the process coming together. We cannot wait to get our final inspections and occupancy permits.

Thank you for following along during this crazy process. Look out for the last post in the series in just a few weeks when we are about to move in!!



Here are the last 360s - and Photos

Living Room -

Kitchen -

Here is a slide show of the still images over the last few day -

Also another little project I have completed. Here are the before during and after photos of the light fixture repairs. Saved probably $100. I am digging this home owner project stuff, that is until the HVAC or roof need replaced and we CUSS and CUSS!!


Slideshow to see progress from last update through the finish!


200 Photos Here.

These are vertical, maybe opening to full screen will be better.

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