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Quick Update: Franklin House

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Well...wha...wha...whaaaaa... Closing has to be pushed back to Thursday. There seemed to be a malfunction with the appraisal. They did not get it in to us on-time and we need to adjust some things to stay in the current house during the work. That did not leave us enough time to rework the loan to close today.

We have some exciting news though. We thought that we would share, our first-draft drawings on design and layout came back from our draftsman today. Here are the Current measurements and proposed layout changes as sent to us. We will have to work out a lot of details going forward but these are great so far. These are technically our second set of drawing because Linda drew up some great ideas as well.

That is really all this update is, I re-drew them into similar software that will 3D render the space. I will attach the images as well.

I also have been doing a lot of research on the history of the area and the house. For the history buffs, the original boundary lines of DC included Alexandria. The stone markers that draw the boundary lines are still in place. I drew a line from the western point of the DC line and the southern point which would have completed the Diamond shape and the boundary line runs right through our house. Photo is below as well.

Thanks again to:

Kim Peele @

Raul Vasquez @

Russell Ramierez @


1st Floor As-IS

1st Floor Changes

2nd Floor Hallway Looking into the master and the bathroom

Layout of Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom


DC boundary line running through the house.

The SW boundary line drawn in, in yellow.

Zoomed in onto the Franklin House

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