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Closing time...Time for you to go out go out into the world.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020


Franklin St - Day 1

We closed a day early or a day late depending on how you look at it. We are officially home owners! Today did not feel celebratory because we are not moving into the house for several months, we had a feeling of ummmm what did we buy? So we celebrated with our favorite Gelato.

Day one in the house started with us walking the house with the latest plans and the measurements from our furniture to see how it would feel. We took the plans over and taped it out. We put the island in to see how it feels, and we are certain now that it has to go. Its way to heavy and takes up too much space. The wall cabinets though do not feel great because the space between the two work surfaces feels too wide, so we are thinking we might be able to do 30” cabinet depth to take up some of the space while still feeling open.

The rear wall opening is marked out as well. That feels a lot better, and certainly opens up the view all the way to the back wall of the addition. All and all a successful first day; that was until we walked Madison around the block afterwards and noticed that across the street is a funeral home and a 7-11. What the shit?! When did those get there? Madison loved all of the new sniffs, and we are really are excited to explore all the city has to offer. I am looking into a way to 360 scan the house throughout so you can walk the property visually as we proceed. More on that later.

Until next update,


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