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Cont: Demo Days 37-59

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hello Everyone,

The last post was getting too large for its own good. All of the photos and 360s were starting to push the limits of the server. It was breaking links upon loading. SO I am continuing the updates in different posts.

Since the last update, we have had a few things to update. The stairs were delivered and a few more walls opened up. We noticed that the exterior wall is in shambles. The work that was done in 1985-1987ish was complete shit. I am glad that the updated the property at that time and fixed some of the stuff but we have found so much shit-ass work.

Today 4/23/2020 -

The new stairs were delivered a few days ago, but TODAY the efforts went into installing them in their new vertical arrangement. We are so excited as this is good progress!!

Delivery of the new stairs!

Installation begins on the new stairs!

View from the 2nd floor where the stairs will come up.


4/25/2020 - WELL FUCK!

Today we had to meet with a structural engineer. While fitting the new stairs, a lot more drywall came down, and the story behind was NOT a good one. Long story short there are three openings that were made in the original "exterior" wall. These openings into the brick should be re-supported with headers or lentils or angle iron depending on a lot of factors. BUT these assholes who did some the work just opened the brick, ran duct work through the openings and did nothing to re-support the load. Fast forward 4 decades and we are in serious trouble of the wall collapsing. A few reasons it may not have fallen is the actual load on that part of the house is the wall itself, and the roof joists and the roof is small and no attic space.

Compounding the issue, the original brick and mortar are literally turning into dust. So we had to meet with the S.E. to formulate a plan to fix and we think we have one. But more time and effort to sort out the details.

So for anyone keeping score, that is one count asbestos. Check. One Count Carpenter Ants. Check. One Count Rats. Check. One Count THE FUCKING WALLS ARE FALLING IN!. CHHEEECK!

Until we know more,


Original 2nd Floor Windows/doors?

Is this bad? Well it ain't good! The openings are not re-supported

New Stair installation - 360s

From new kitchen area

From second floor


4/27/2020 Day 47

Today work began on the restructuring the southern exterior wall and opening the pass-through. I am not sure that the plan was to completely remove the 2nd floor brick work, but I think the preexisting window that was covered over lead to additional complications. So about 1pm today our crew, framed up the support for the roofing, and then demolished the entire Southeast section of the exterior wall.

I met with a painter to quote us on painting the exterior as some point down the road. I am a little concerned how much that will cost because the outside paint is also in bad shape so it will need to be sand blasted, and tuck pointing the areas that require it. Plus of course as with everything else, we would like to paint the house in a German Smear style $$$$. I also met with a landscape guy because lets face it, I am not a landscape guy. The last thing I want to do is yard work of any kind ever. So we need bi-monthly services and ideas on new landscaping that will require VERY minimal maintenance.

I assume I will also be very sore tomorrow as I demolished 60% of that shed with nothing much else but a hammer. We had it posted to for free for someone to haul, but it did not really pan out. After breaking it down, it probably was for the best, it had a lot of wood rot. The roof had been leaking for quite some time, the entire front porch wood was completely rotten and there was a lot of mouse shit all in the walls. I honestly would feel bad if someone took it away.

Until Next Time,



4/28/2020 - Day 48

Nothing huge to update, just a few little tid-bits. Meeting with the landscape guy we talked about reworking the backyard and since the exterior wall was coming down we salvaged some of the nice bricks to hopefully use for the project. I spent yesterday and today digging through the refuse pile to get as many as I could.

As a way to see if they would work for the landscape I laid them out in the pattern that we liked. Yea these will work just fine.

I also finished demolishing the shed today. It really opened up the back yard. Now we just need the trash guys to come pick up the nonsense to really get a feel for the space. Moving along.

The interesting find today, was this really old bone that was placed in between two bricks in a void in the mortar. This was in the original brick so this was really old. I did a quick google search and it seems like this used to be something people did for good luck. Weird.

Until Next Update,



LAST DEMO Update - Day 59 5/10/2020

Hello Everyone,

I started the construction post because we thought that we had moved beyond the demo phase, but alas we have uncovered a few more things that needed addressing. There was a step down into the addition where the old bathroom was, so leveling it up would make the ceiling height below the legal requirements. SO we had to demo the ceiling in there. Since we have had a few overruns in payroll already, we decided to do the demo ourselves. So Saturday evening Elizabeth and I went over and smashed up the joint. This will allow us to re-frame the bathroom ceiling and get the space back that we need.

Also the move of the HVAC to the loft, requires us to shift all of the duct lines around. We have had an added benefit of insulation wrapping around the duct lines. This will make the system more efficient, but adds girth too. The duct line that was placed in the kitchen and living room area, dropped the clearance a bit. This then led to a lot of discussion about the way to drywall around the new protuberance. We decided that the best course of action would then be drop the ceiling level across the entire living space. BUUUUUT to accomplish that, this too would require demolishing the drywall in the living room. Again the dirty work would need to be completed by us. So off to work we went.

To keep the trend of contingencies going, we found a nest of ground bees today. This will need professional removal. UGH. They plumber has also started their work, this probably was not a welcomed process to the neighbors. This required a jack-hammer to break the slab for the plumbing. Sorry G&J.

Hopefully this will be the last of the smashing things thread. I am not sure that there is much left even to smash up. There are only five walls that have original drywall left on them.

Hopefully we only see you on the Construction Begins post.

Living Room - Ceiling Demo

Kitchen Demo - You can see the work done to restructure the wall

Powder Room - Jack-hammered floor and new duct lines added.

Old Bathroom - New Bedroom, Ceiling demo.

Ground Bee Hive. FFS

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