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California to DC Road Trip Finale

Day 6

Jan 9th - Happy Birthday to Me

Woke up late, it's my birthday, sue me. We got moving early though because we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We took Madison for a quick walk around a park nearby, and looked for some grub. We found a quaint little place call Le Spice Bakery, and anyone who knows me knows I have not met a bakery that I would skip. They made me a fresh mexican crêpe and Elizabeth a eggy croissant. Since it was a brisk 44° out we decided to take it to go, grab a covfefe at Starbucks, and eat in the car. We got on the road at just about 11a headed for Fredericksburg should be arriving at 6-7p ish. Oh also eggy on my face, after some FURTHER research there are several Fredericksburgs around the country. Including one in California. Mea Culpa!

Because everyone who reads this is basically from VA, I will spare the updates about passing Kings Dominion. Instead I will leave everyone with these thoughts...

This road trip has made us reflect back on our travel, by all accounts this is an amazing trip. One people would probably pay good money to take. Yet for some reason it feels different. Some of the scenery is very on similar to that of New Zealand, and should be just as awe inspiring. The feeling of our inconsequential lives was ever apparent in New Zealand. You could just feel how little you are in a world in motion. A world that will continue to spin without all of us for billions of years to come. In that regard, the vastness was no less amazing as we passed through West Texas, or the expansive deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. I'm struggling to figure why, I suppose as with most things the grass is always greener and since we could visit this at any point it takes away some of the mystique. It could just be something as simple as our mindset. We are on a deadline to get to the end of this road and are not currently absorbing the experience.

All of this is not to say that we did not enjoy any of the trip, I have touched on this in another episode but travel of any kind should awaken your senses. Pushing that comfort zone shines a light on other people and their experiences. We asked ourselves many times, "WTF do these people do out here?" When going through middle of no-whereville. But the reality is they're all doing what we are doing, getting through the day, trying to make a living and have a good life.

As we continue to reflect on these topics and search for answers, I hope everyone laughed a little, or related to something in these words. Love you all. Thanks for the kind words and support.



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