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California to DC Road Trip Day 5

Updated: May 27, 2019

Day 5


930a we stayed at a Home2 Suites by Hilton last night. The breakfast choices are gah-bidge. So we ventured out to Ocean Springs MS and stopped at a local place called Buzzy's Breakfast Joint. Simple place, simple menu, and simple pricing but good food. Elizabeth had covfefe, 2 eggs, English muffin, and grits and I had the two pancake and eggs - $15. The highlight for one Madison Dogger-rue, the chef personally cooked her a slab of bacon. It was a thick ass, hot off the griddle bacon. She drooled like a mad woman before scarfing it down. Afterwards in an attempt to gain 7lbs and make Rebecca Reid jelly, we saw another local donut shop but they were closed. We were going to get them to go for a road snack. Oh well.

We sped off down to the beach right on the gulf to burn off those carb cakes and grits. Madison LOVED every second of it, which is a bit weird as a Scottish Highlands breed she sure does love the sand between her toes. If you are on the 'gram Elizabeth posted a video of Madison chasing the birds. Give her a follow @ e.liz_92656

We noticed their route markers have crawfish on them. Too funny. There were some very beautiful houses down on the beach, some one that never recovered and was still marked from FEMA. The whole beach side community of Biloxi was very pretty with old canopy trees with dripping moss. Unfortunately they are in MS. The gulf water still had a bit of a BP oil spill color to the water, and about a 0% chance of me putting my feet in that sludge. A lot of the houses being rebuilt on the water front were rebuilt with like 15ft tall stilts awaiting the next huge hurricane storm surge. But we have places to be and must get going now.

We have had a change of plans again, in an effort to minimize really extended car trips we are now en route to Greenville SC for our last stop before VA. This will make our last three legs about 8hrs of driving each. As we have found this is really about 10hrs of time and all we can handle.

Quick detour off the 85, is a little town called Montgomery, AL. May have heard of it, bit of a role in the civil rights movement. 😉 We cruised through Montgomery, saw where Dr. King lived during his time as a pastor here. What a cute little city. I would say not significantly larger than downtown Fred, but it's the capital of AL. Their capital building is gorgeous in the setting winter sun. As we cruised around we found a lot of stunningly beautiful homes, and a fabulous little cafe where we ate well, sat outside in the 73° weather and got a snack for tonight. Then we strolled down Felder St passing historic old homes. So pretty. For a measly $500k you can get yourself a beautiful 6BR 5bath 4700sqft on Felder St. Back on the road. Five hours left driving today but we will officially be east coasters in about three minutes. We are soon about to cross the EST time one.

Arrived at Homework Suites tonight at 1050a. Late night again off to bed. Last leg tomorrow, should be in Fred around 8-10p. Until next time.

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