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California to DC Road Trip Day 4

Updated: May 27, 2019

Day 4


806a local, our mission find the lone piece of grass amongst these medians who get the honor of Madison pee. I am starting to think Madison would also love the idea of us getting a king sized bed. She's loving the idea of having her own "spot" on the bed. With a king size bed she's found a little notch in between our feet big enough for her to fit and completely stretch out.

We are up and at em this morning...late. The past few days have been early starts 630a NOT today. After Madison's successful search for the right potty spot we rushed back and found Elizabeth still in complete darkness (hotel black out curtains are a true aspiration) and Madison wasn't having any of it. We immediately woke E's lazy ass up, and we must bath before heading of for some really amazing doughnuts from Gourdoughs Big Fat Donuts. To say that these are gourmet donuts is an understatement. Sooooo Fkn good. But if I was to nitpick, because they were fabulous. I do not think these are doughnuts. They are more like funnel cakes. They were thick as hell and big, and no signature hole in the middle. Also Whoa baby they are so sugary, Elizabeth's insulin monitor asked her if she was an idiot and then started smoking. We are still not sure if it went in a smoke break or if it was working OT to get through the dump trucks of sugar she just ate.

The weather turned on us this morning. Woke up to a bit of rain and overcast skies. But we pushed on getting on the road at 1045a. We had our first of hopefully last near death experience, pulling out of the sugar-bombery blind turns mixed with road closure signs we almost got T-boned, and not like a clever nickname from ordering one at a meeting, like legit oh shit situation. But all is well. We on our way to Biloxi, MS.

change of plans. We decided instead to skip Baton Rouge all together, we had planned on eating dinner there and continuing to Biloxi. But we decided to go to New Orleans instead. Boy oh boy what a day today has shaped up to be, hit two patches of bad traffic on two lane roads which delayed us by quite a bit. And by 6p we were starving, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, and still an hour away from NOLA. Madison needed feeding, we had to pee, and tentions were running high. We found a place with 4700 reviews and 4 stars. We drove through the French quarter and found a very reasonable valet stand for $12. That's a fkn steal if you ask me. We quickly disembarked fed Madison at the valet stand, and shuffled off to find any grass. Well I'm here to tell ya, Madison's requirement of grass relief only was a real problem. After walking a few blocks around we found no joke a 2x3' patch of the most disgusting grass ever, and she happily peed.

Earlier today while searching far and wide for a dog friendly/flexitarian place to eat, we ruled out B.R. because there wasn't a great place to eat. That is what lead to the decision to push to NOLA instead, and after we found Oceana Grill I called to see if they accepted dogs. The lady on the phone said, our courtyard is closed but bring her we will seat you in the back. What do you think happened when we got guessed it, they can't accept us. UNLESS she is a service dog, well we happened to just find out Madison is a great anxiety dog. So we were allowed in. Thank you Oceana for possibly saving the marriage tonight. Elizabeth had the red fish with sauteed veggies. The sauteed veggies were a bowl of corn and a scoop of mashers. I had the Veggie Cajun Stew. Think jambalaya without the sausage.

We headed out shortly after our meal as we still had an hour and half to Biloxi. We got close to our hotel but two GPS systems could not direct us to the right place. We could see the hotel, but legit circled the four leaf clover entrance to the high way two times, went wrong way on the freeway, missed the street twice, went down the wrong street before finally realizing the entrance was Left behind the dumpster not Right before it. Got it.

Another late night, arrived at 1045p at the hotel. Exhausted until tomorrow everyone!

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