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California to DC Road Trip Day 3

Updated: May 27, 2019

Day 3

Few things I forgot to mention from yesterday. First- When we walked Madison we failed to realize we were at the make out point park. There were couples canoodling in a few places. Then the mustang pulls up with the 30 something's inside and the serious necking began. As we were sitting in the car trying to track down a good place to eat we noticed the necking got a bit serious and the driver was, in our opinion, receiving ummmmm, Colonel Angus? Ha ha Bing SNL Colonel Angus if you do not get the reference.

Secondly- Holy huffing helium Batman, I believe Texas may have pumped too much Texas Tea from the aquifers. The water from the tap in several bathrooms smelled like you could light it on fire. But the good news my teeth are 3 shades Whiter than before. So that's great.

Now on the road to Austin, TX 10a. As I feared there is nothing of note visually along the way. Aside from the vastness of nothingness which is remarkable, just hard to speak to or take any kind of photo. I guess I could have taken a photo of the dead carcass spewed all over the freeway. Which isn't that big of a surprise, the speed limit is 80MPH (that's 128.7 KPH for our non-imperial readers)

As things go on road trips, three necessities come up regularly. They would be 1. Bathroom Breaks 2. Gas 3. Food like items to shove in your face hole. Well Elizabeth and Dogger had to pee some kinda bad, car needed attention to #2 and I could use #3 so we pulled off in some BFE central Texas town. Calling it a town is an insult to towns, but we stopped at the one gas station. I took Madison for a potty break. I quickly found out that our cars mid-grade minimum standard was about to be a problem. I got $0.06 worth of mid-grade gas, before being laughed at by the locals for bringing our fancy car around. I guess any Ford or Chevy with 40" knobbies will run on any watered down cat urine this local establishment pumps in. Luckily we still had about 70 miles left in the tank before we were in real trouble.

Now that E and Dogger have gone potty, I had to suddenly piss like a race horse, so I busted down the door to the same gas station bathroom. I was immediately kicked in the face by a wall of 110° temperature. I think the boiler was also in the men's room, nevertheless I soldiered on and saddled up to the urinal. Full flaps open the fact that this was a multi-person shitter became fully aware to me. The unforgettable smell of someone else's 110° dump stentch worked right to my brain. It was all I could do not to lose my breakfast. Looking for food like items to stuff in my face hole, On my way out I bought a tea and OMG! they fkn sell Chick-o-Sticks. Now back story here. We used to eat these as kids. Jim would bring them home from time to time. Couple months ago, Elizabeth and I went to cracker barrel and I made her try one. But if you don't know they are awful unless they are fresh. I hid the treat and met up with Elizabeth outside and told her I had surprise for her.

E: "Oh no, it isn't one of those awful peanut butter candies is it?"

D: "what are you talking about?"

E: blank stares

We get into the car and I whip out the chick-o-stick

E: "oh fuck it IS one of those disgusting things!"

I devoured it. This one was fresh. And she totally missed out.

We pushed on down the road and stopped in Ozona TX. It was a cute town. We pulled up to three gas stations trying to find a station that offered mid-grade gas. FFS isn't Texas all about oil around here, yet no one has mid grade. Eventually the 3rd station had it and off we went to the highlight of today journey.

Fredericksburg TX. I would have never guessed I would be so jacked up about something so silly. Y'ALL it looks like a fkn clone of Fred VA. Pictures. Judge for yourself. We walked up and down the streets stretched out legs, bought a Fred TX magnet and a cookie from the ice cream shop so we could pee. Then got on the road again for our last 1.5 hr driving towards Austin.

Austin from the face of it, at night seems like a super cool place. From the 10 min we have been here. It appear to live up to everything you think it would be. Hole in the wall restaurants everywhere with 1200 reviews 4.5 stars. Now Yelp always adds full start above the actual experience, but when you get 1200 reviews and still have 4.5. Those are rarely going to be bad. We went with a hipster vegan friendly place called Bouldin Creek Cafe. But on this corner are five 4.5 star rated places all with 200 or more reviews. One place called "The Soup Peddler" it's a two window dump looking establishment, 4.5 stars 200 reviews. I think it's safe to say, we could really love Austin.

Tonight's presentation was a house made veggie burger and salt n pepper kettle chips. Elizabeth strangely went with oatmeal and a breakfast taco. This is so strange for her as she refuses to believe a breakfast burrito is a thing worth eating. But sadly even with all of my verbose, the meal was ok. My burger was quite dry, and Elizabeth was thinking she was going to get an oatmeal on par with our New Zealand trip. There are pictures of it, if you're curious. All in all it was ok, maybe we just picked the wrong items on the menu tonight. If only we had more time to retest.

A long day today we started our day at 630a on the road at 830ish and are just now arriving at the hotel nearly 12 hrs later. Tired tonight and another long one tomorrow. We may push all the way to Biloxi MS instead of Baton Rouge, this will shorten the length of time the last two days of travel will be by about an hour each. Two 10hr back to backs sounds rough. We shall see how we feel tomorrow. Thanks for reading everyone!

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