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California to DC Road Trip Day 2

Updated: May 27, 2019

Day 2.

Tucson. The adage if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all comes to mind. But I'll disregard and say if there is a nice part of Tucson we didn't see it. We did go to a local park to walk Madison and there was trash everywhere. The best thing about AZ are the saguaro Cactus. I Fkn love these things. I think they remind me of childhood cartoons. If you are not familiar with what they are, they're the cactus with the arms. 🌵 There is a photo with one and Madison on day ones post.

We got on the road to El Paso around 11a for our shortest leg of the entire trip, we contemplated making a pit stop in Truth or Consequences, NM. Named so for the TV show who held a contest for the first city whom named themselves after the show. As a reward for permanently changing the name of the city they would receive a one time hosting of the game show. Seems fair.

There is literally nothing to report on the way to El Paso. We made decent time, and manage to get into town and have time to walk Madison around a park before the sun went to bed. I'm afraid El Paso to Austin is going to be much the same. We did have a great meal at a local Mexican joint, food was good, portions were huge, and Elizabeth's $6 margarita was enormous. She did say it was quite watered down.

They do like their guns here in TX too. This is one of two indoor gun ranges within 50ft of our hotel. We will be driving through one of the other three Fredericksburgs in the US. I fully plan on getting a photo. So more to come on that. To anyone reading this, I'm trying my best to keep the grammatical errors to a minimum, but I'm doing this from my phone in a car at 90mph. I cannot go back and edit afterwards or the entire format of the post gets rearranged.

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