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California to DC Road Trip Day 1

Updated: May 27, 2019

Day 1: Today we close nearly nine years on a five year plan for California. Early 2018 we started to really look at finding new careers that move us East. We didn't have an idea on where, but as we reflected on our lives and pace in which time seems to be forever accelerating we liked the idea of being closer to our Families. After much-a-do and literally 100s of job applications, a happen stance opportunity with childhood friends led to an offer with a NoVa based company in Alexandria VA. So with a heavy heart and 18 years behind her, Elizabeth resigned from EA and now we embark on our new path.

Today we started leg one of a five stop journey. We are leaving Aliso Viejo CA today driving seven hours or so, with Madison, hoping to arrive at our first stop in Tucson AZ later today. We started the day with our last walk with Madison to one of our favorite breakfast places Bagels-n-brew. California was doing it's best to pre-acclimate us to the weather to come, it was a brisk 44° on our walk. Looking ahead seems as though most southern cities we are visiting are going to be in the low 50s or lower along the way.

We took off at 1006a headed east. We had a few stops and nothing to note along the way. There were a few cool sights, we did get to see an already in place wall on the border. We also saw a few border patrol agents. We arrived in Tucson AZ at about 7p. We did try to get some take out from a place called "Tasteful Kitchen" they had some really good sounding food on their menu, but it was an hour wait for take out. So we said Fk off, and continued on to the DoubleTree. We checked in to the dated, yet functional hotel, STARVING. We quickly devoured the free cookies they give you at check in, made a hasty decision to try the sushi place around the corner. So again we shuffled off to get some grub. Wasn't bad, had better, had worse.

Our biggest stress so far has to be Arizona the desert that it is, barely a stitch of grass to be seen. We have one of the pickiest dogs on the planet in where she chooses to do her business. Madison will only go potty on grass. Not any grass, the most perfect blade ONLY! We tried to get her to go potty on so many areas of rock. SHE REFUSED! After we stuffed our faces with sushi, I walked Madison a solid mile down the street in not the best area of Tucson so she could find the loneliest 3'X3' patch of grass. This would only do AFTER she had thoroughly sniff inspected all 45 blades to make sure she peed on just the right one.

We did see a really cool area of SoCal along the way, there is a Sandy dune area that looked a lot like something g you would see in the Sahara. There were guys in their razor quads racing around, hill climbing. The pictures are obviously not that great. Also noticed Arizonians serious about their pistols. When we stopped to pee and gas up, caught this guy in front of me packing heat. Tomorrow we stay leg two which will be the shortest of them all at a measly five plus hours. We plan to walk Madison in the morning for a bit, then hit the road finally stopping in El Paso, TX.

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