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Franklin St : Update

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

A little status update on how things are progressing. Since our last post we have had a lot of stuff going on. Madison has been recovering from elbow surgery. She had a cancerous tumor removed from her elbow. Time will tell how that goes, but for now she is doing well. Things have really picked up at work for me, and Elizabeth is getting more and more busy at her work as well. So time has been a resource in short supply.

We are only 5 days away from closing on the house. We are finalizing all of the loan paperwork, and wow I knew that buying a house was difficult but did not know how much paperwork was required. Making this even more difficult as we seemed to not have enough stress in our lives we are also renovating the property at the same time. We are not going to live in the property as the work is being done, really because I cannot see how we can with the scope of work we are planning. We have started boxing up the current house, in preparation of having to leave here at the end of March. We hope that we can stay in our house now. Living with family can be quite an intrusion into their space so should that work out, we are sincerely grateful already for those who we have asked even contemplate the thought.

We have started working on design elements, and have reached out to a designer to help us put a cohesive plan together. We have also started to shop appliances as well. Whoa baby new appliances cost a lot of money. We met the neighbors at the last walk-through and he hipped us to the idea that people will pay good money for spiral staircases. So we have been looking for an interested party.

We have had several walk-throughs of the property with Raul @ Federal Contracting LLC (, and Russell @ RRARCO Design (, and of course none of that would have been possible without our agents Kim and Hope Peele @ The Peele Group (

The timeline of activities over the next few weeks are as follows…

March 9th – Close and officially become home owners, and broke

April 1st - Paperwork with the city and state should reflect the ownership change on property

Early April - Once we are recognized as owners of the property we can then submit plans to the city for the renovations. Light Demo starts.

May 1st - After approval of the plans, actual demo and construction starts

June 1st – All work finished, and we move in, and have a house warming party, and live happily ever after. Ha ha this last one is a wishful thought.

Soon - Some historical information on the house. Since the house was built in 1820 clearly it has seen a thing or two. Details as we know them.

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