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        My name is Dallas McVicker, a self-taught photographer who has been shooting for several years with my DSLR.  I have always enjoyed photography and had tried to create great images with point & clicks and film many years before that.


        I grew up in a small town in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  My wife and I moved from there a 16 years ago; and we have lived in four other states, TN, NC, FL, CA, and NOW back in Virginia.  We love to travel and as you may see from the site I will always include those shots here.  To date all of our traveling had taken us through 16 different countries, and 35 different US states. 


        I am available for shoots; please use the contact portion on the site. I will respond to all legitimate emails.  Thank you for taking the time to click around my site.  It has taken me a long time to put one of these up.


        Please look back often as I am always out shooting so there will always be new items being added. 



Custom Images

I do custom work. I cannot load thousands of images here. If you would like something commissioned for your home let me know. I’ll shoot it, if I don’t already have something you like. 

Custom Printing

Due to the innumerable variables, I do custom print but prices vary wildly. Please contact for details. 

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